Jacoba Surie  (1879-1970)

Nice and clear work by Jacoba Surie, beautifully framed
in wooden frame behind glass. The size of the image is 40 cm by 60 cm. The work is signed in middle left.

Jacoba (or Coba) Surie belonged to the Amsterdam Joffers; a group of female artists who studied at the Rijksacademie of visual arts in Amsterdam at the end of the 19th century. They were taught in a separate 'Ladies Painter Class', from which a close group emerged. Even after the academic years, they kept going outside as a group. Together with these women, Surie visited artists' associations such as' Sint Lucas' and 'Arti et Amicitiae'. The painters became friends and exhibited together.

"Jongen met vogel"

She preferably painted Impressionist figure pieces, portraits and still lifes of fish or everyday objects. Surie received many awards, including the Willink van Collen Prize in 1913, the Gold Medal of Queen Wilhelmina in 1929, and the Sint Lucas Prize in 1940.

 The artwork is described at the back by Jacoba Surie and bears the title "Boy with bird." She has signed the work again under the title.


 Jacoba Surie exhibited this artwork from 8 July to 31 July 1943 in Bennewitz art rooms, located at Noordeinde 48 in The Hague. The reverse side contains the original sticker

Jan Casper Karel Beijl (1903- 1973)

oil on canvas
signed lower right

Jan Bleij was a successful artist. In the 1940s -45s, his work was purchased by the state and regarded by the Germans as "grounded" art, the counterpart of "entartete" art by, for example, the German expressionists. This grounded art was seen as 'war art'  after the war and was declared contaminated, which meant that it was rarely seen by the general public back then. But even today there is not much to find about Jan Bleij on the internet which is quite exceptional. 

Wim Theewis 1923-1988

Oil on board.
signed and  dated lower left